Well, our first Pollen event was a big success. Over 50 people turned up and drank the free drinks* at City Canteen and Bar. It was really cool to see everyone having a bit of a laugh and chatting. I never intended for it to become a serious networking event, and I’m glad that it was all very relaxed. I hope that people do benefit from it. But I don’t believe that it has to be as stuffy and business-like for this to happen. Anyway, I’m shortly to announce the new dates for November (prob 6th) and December (prob 4th).

I popped into my new local coffee bar today on my way back from the shops. It was just after lunch and I bumped into my friend Jason Soudah. It was the second time in a week that I’d bumped into him there. Jason’s a very talented singer/songwriter/musician, and along with his drummer Matt seems to have decamped to the new coffee bar. They appear to be running a campaign from there. They turn up, have breakfast and coffee and sit there using the free wireless to email their contacts all over the world.

When I sat down Jason was half-way through emailing an American radio station that’s been supporting his album, whilst Matt was out on the terrace earnestly phoning a record label exec. At least that’s who I supposed he was phoning. It could have been his mum for all I know!

What was great though, was to see Jason and Matt using a great, relaxed location to get all their work done. Although I’m estimating they’re spending about 10 quid each a day on coffee and cake (!), I was very jealous of their working environment. I spend all day hunched over on my sofa. It’s not very good for my back, and I often go days without seeing anyone from 9-5. They’re sat in a big open-plan “office” sharing ideas, whilst people bring them skinny lattés. I’m sat in my lounge, with the temptation of the TV etc to keep me from getting down to work.

Working environments are obviously so important, and those of us that don’t have an office to go to are often stuck in a spare bedroom with no-one to talk to. Making the most of free wi-fi and light, airy environments is a must, even if it’s only once in a while for the change of scenery.

If Jason and Matt are unlucky, they’ll be seeing me from time to time over the coming weeks!


*Thanks to Claire and all at Creative Business Wales!