There’s two videos here that I think every new (or old) business should watch. The first one looks at why we do what we do. It’s very powerful and I imagine everyone who watches it re-appraises their business or project. Thanks to DK for introducing me to it.

[ted id=848]

The second talk is by Duke Stump from last year’s Do Lectures. I was lucky enough to be in the audience for this talk (and sing drunken sea shanties later that evening with Duke). Duke has serious brand expertise from working at the likes of Nike, through to his own brand consultancy focusing on sustainability.

There’s so much great stuff in this talk, and while it’s not instantly clear what the talk is heading towards, the second half builds towards talking about creating a “bonfire brand”, something people gravitate towards in order to get warm and have conversations around. There’s lots of little gems scattered throughout, too, often touching on our responsibility to the world around us.

“If you have a company of meaning, of value, you have created effortless loyalty”.

“Great brands have great cultures”.

“If the US National Electricity Grid was 5% more efficient it would be the equivalent of taking 53 million cars off the road…”

“People don’t want perfection, they want honesty”.

To watch the video, and find out more about Duke, click here.

A few little bits.

1 – Apparently, according to Business Insider Magazine, I’m one of Wales top 25 young entrepreneurs. Which is nice.

2 – If you have an intersting idea and would like to present it at The Green Man festival (Ignite / Pecha Kucha style), and get a free ticket in return, you should download this PDF and have a look.