A list of (mainly extra-curricular) projects that I’ve undertaken.

  • TEDxCardiff
    • For about 7 years I founded and ran, organised, and hosted TEDxCardiff with the amazing Claire Scantlebury. Regularly one of the highest ranked TEDx events in the UK, it would often sell out in just seconds. We had amazing speakers and performers every single year.
  • Ignite Cardiff
    • Before TEDxCardiff, Claire and I were the first people to bring the rapid-fire Ignite format to the UK, which we used as a format to bring creatives and digital types together. We had talks on everything from the philosophy of wine, to developing a zombie defence plan for Cardiff, and obscure programming languages. Eventually we handed the event off to a different team, who took it to even greater heights.
  • Cardiff Start
    • Possibly the most important and impactful project I’ve undertaken. Several years ago I wrote about the dearth of tech startup activity (and any kind of ecosystem) in the Welsh capital. It sparked a conversation and, along with a few others, I started a community. It has worked with everyone from 10 Downing Street to the Royal Family to help Cardiff become a better, smarter place to build a tech startup.
  • Wifi Map of Cardiff
    • Back in the wild days before ubiquitous wifi, and cheap mobile internet, I created a map of wifi hotspots in Cardiff. It inspired similar maps around the world, and I started to work with a fellow entrepreneur to build the world’s best global wifi map. We never found time to launch, and it now seems surplus to requirements.
  • Neighbourhood Happiness Map
    • I actively want to revitalise this. Give me a shout if you’d like to get involved!
  • Neil’s Guide to Sofia
  • Map of laptop friendly cafes in Sofia