mentoring for early stage startups

“Neil, I must admit it’s a new thing for me to meet someone who has the capability to go so deep into things from the first meeting.” – CEO of €1m revenue startup

“I honestly found the call inspiring and super helpful, both because you had a lot of knowledge to share, but also the time you spent in researching together with me. You are a superstar!” – Entrepreneur, eco activist, TED speaker

“Wow! I’m totally blown away by your insights and sincere willingness to share information and advice… I really wasn’t expecting to come away with so much insight – especially as I’m at such an early stage. ” – First time entrepreneur

“An outstanding session with some very worthwhile advice and pointers. Completely changed my perspective on a couple of points” – Entrepreneur, international social enterprise

“Thank you again for your time this morning and for really offering sound and “real” help to get us moving forward.  The session was really informative and I found it really empowering” – First time entrepreneur

I’ve mentored hundreds of startups across Europe and America. In 2020 alone I mentored over 100 startups for free during the lockdowns.

Whether you’re starting a brand new business, or launching a new product or service, my aim with mentoring is two-fold:

1 – Save you time, and money, by making sure you don’t waste time on things that would never have worked. In extreme cases I’ve saved clients years of their life, and hundreds of thousands of pounds or dollars.

2 – Leave you with a clear direction of where to go, and what to do next.

A message from a recent mentee…
Feedback from CEO of new startup, Peter.

Many entrepreneurs fall in love with their idea very early on, and this blinkers them to the fact that it may not actually convert into a good business. I’ve helped a lot of startups convert their good idea into a good business, often by applying a tiny change, or slight adjustment in thinking.

What you get:

  • I will spend 45 mins talking through your idea with you, often asking tough questions.
  • I will hopefully give you a fresh perspective on what the problems are that you should be solving.
  • I will make you think hard about what the next steps should be.
  • I’ll follow up with notes and resources.
  • I’ll make introductions where I can. I recently introduced a mentee to a £120m company, and his product will soon start a trial with them.
Feedback from recent mentee, Holden.

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Sessions cost $50. Afterwards, if you don’t feel that I have given you value for money, and that you won’t earn or save at least ten times your money back, just email me for a full refund. No questions asked.

You can find out more about me, and my experience, here.