I’m trying to simplify my life at the moment. Partly because I’m preparing for the launch of a few new projects, partly because I’m trying to be conscious of where I’ll be in five years time*, but mainly because I just really want to have a simple, more productive life.

This process is including selling stuff off, giving it away, re-organising entire rooms, organising my 3000+ email addresses, and very often just dumping old stuff in the bin. Nine bin bags full at last count!

I’m now an avid reader of Unclutterer, Zenhabits, and Lifehacker, three blogs that are aimed at helping you achieve a simpler, more streamlined life.

The one thing I’ve learned is that these changes don’t, can’t, and shouldn’t take place overnight. I’d love to be perfectly organised, and instinctively know which information/stuff to keep and which to dump. But it’s not in my nature. It’s going to take time and training. Any killer hints, tips (or apps if you’re a web 2.0 kinda person!) to make my life simpler and easier will be gratefully received.

* In a few years time I’d like to be able to be completely mobile and be able live and work from anywhere in the world.