As many you will no doubt know, last night was the last Ignite Cardiff that Claire and I will be running. It’s been a brilliant three or four years, but we needed to hand it on to someone who will give it the time and energy that we no longer can. Anyway, just so I remember the last event, I’ve pulled together a handful of the tweets and pics of the evening. More for my own amusement and memory, and not as an official Ignite Cardiff stream. Thought I’d share it here:

  1. AlexKavel
    Who’s going to #IgniteCardiff tomorrow in O’Neils? Starring @compass_James @Welsh_ICE @beamazingtoday @thedimmick
  2. brandnatter
    Free event this Wednesday evening. Enlighten us but make it quick. Ignite Cardiff #9. O’Neil’s, St. Mary Street cc/ @IgniteCardiff
  3. Surfmonkey78
    Yay! Going to @IgniteCardiff tomorrow night, there will be banter and contemplative chin wagging.
  4. steviephil
    Not my morning so far – whacked my leg twice & nearly slipped & fell crossing a road. But on the bright side: #IgniteCardiff tonight!
  5. NeilCocker
    Busy day. Having photo taken for @ProjectCardiff (am rocking exhausted/needahaircut look), @Dizzyjam stuff & my last ever @IgniteCardiff!
  6. Claire_S
    It’s my last ever @IgniteCardiff tonight, feeling a bit sad but happy I’m leaving it in the safe hands of @Ed_Barnett
  7. gregbednarski
    Last chance to see @NeilCocker and listen his jokes (I hope better ones than @thedimmick šŸ™‚ @ignitecardiff tonight
  8. compass_James
    Practising my @IgniteCardiff talk in the office. Looking forward to enlightening everyone on why they should move to Barry #IgniteCardiff
  9. Ed_Barnett
    I’m worried that a bird is going to poo on me en route to @IgniteCardiff again….
  10. thedimmick
    Off to give a talk at @IgniteCardiff 9. I’ve really missed this feeling of nauseous excitement. Be nice people of Cardiff, be nice. Please.
  11. martinjc
    Right off to #ignitecardiff – been a while, looking forward to it
  12. People started to arrive shortly after 6pm, and the place was filling up nicely – note: Steve, Ed and Neil were still next door stuffing their faces full of noodles and rice.
  13. Leeunderpass
    At @IgniteCardiff for another ace evening of 5 minute talks. You should be here too!
  14. mathtalfan
    Good luck to all at #IgniteCardiff tonight. Gutted to miss it. Big shout out to @NeilCocker and @Claire_S on their #igniteretirement!
  15. AdamBeckey
    Pint in hand and ready for @ignitecardiff
  16. KieranF_CM
    Myself and @SydnyL_CM have cheated tonight. #notesonstage @IgniteCardiff
  17. lobsterdm
    Incredibly witty and inspiring #ignitecardiff
  18. TomasWright11
    At @IgniteCardiff for @Cardiffdesfest excited to see some amazing work!
  19. davidowainclubb
    I’m @ignitecardiff and really really geekily excited @geekspeakcdf @louiseweinzweig
  20. gregbednarski
    Hello @ignitecardiff! Loads people here! @NeilCocker is very relaxed but @Ed_Barnett is rather stressed – buy him a drink!
  21. Timwhalley
    Sad its @Claire_S and @NeilCocker last @IgniteCardiff. Kudos for bring this awesome event to the UK. You both should be proud! #EndOfAnEra
  22. Ed_Barnett
    Well done to @NeilCocker and @Claire_S. You’re leaving a legacy #Ignitecardiff
  23. Georginavjones
    very excited to see the speakers, pint in hand and with good company @IgniteCardiff
  24. And then it all started…..
  25. steviephil
    And @IgniteCardiff is go! #IgniteCardiff
  26. Claire_S
    Amelia Johnston kicking things off at #ignitecardiff
  27. Surfmonkey78
    Running and puppetry whilst drawing. Top start to #ignitecardiff šŸ™‚
  28. sabri916
    So it’s drawing whilst running… literally… #IgniteCardiff
  29. IgniteCardiff
    The amazing Grace Quantock now talking about how to be your own adventure story #IgniteCardiff
  30. Georginavjones
    @IgniteCardiff god she does shine! I am my adventure story!!!
  31. Claire_S
    Grace Quantock is my idol #ignitecardiff
  32. davidowainclubb
    Amazing presentation from @grace_quantock. Big life messages. Just great. @ignitecardiff
  33. lobsterdm
    Fantastic talk by @grace_quantock at #ignitecardiff
  34. sabri916
    Grace. Incredibly inspiring #IgniteCardiff
  35. evanrud
    @grace_quantock inspired with her story of making her challenges the footnote rather than the story – nice! #ignitecardiff
  36. Surfmonkey78
    Brilliant talk on being your own adventure story and some glitter #IgniteCardiff šŸ™‚
  37. IgniteCardiff
    And now up Kieran Fish talking about the origin of Chav #IgniteCardiff
  38. day_jess
    Enjoying @IgniteCardiff the event that brought the format to the uk and inspired us to try same format at #ecf12
  39. Surfmonkey78
    Rock on @NeilCocker and @Claire_S for putting in all the effort for some awesome #ignitecardiff action. Best of luck to Ed and @thedimmick
  40. After a quick break, we were back with the next three speakers. One of whom was Steve Dimmick. Despite the prop failure, I loved this talk, not least for his bouts of shaking and nervous laughter… šŸ˜‰
  41. barry_richards
    Time for the next 3 presenters at #ignitecardiff @grace_quantock has set the bar high for them. No pressure then šŸ˜‰
  42. IgniteCardiff
    Next up @thedimmick baffling the audience about perspective #IgniteCardiff
  43. IgniteCardiff
    Prop fail by @thedimmick at #IgniteCardiff ! Now on to Gareth Jones talking about living in the moment
  44. Claire_S
    Gareth Jones seeking fame and fortune in Cardiff #ignitecardiff
  45. steviephil
    If you heard someone laughing like a fool at #IgniteCardiff, that was me. Blame @Welsh_ICE & his talk – good work sir!
  46. davidowainclubb
    @Welsh_ice dammit that was hilarious, can I be your friend? @ignitecardiff
  47. foomandoonian
    Bravo to @Welsh_ICE for speaking the truth at #IgniteCardiff – Great talk!
  48. Georginavjones
    Speakers are most wonderful @IgniteCardiff I’m so inspired and also dying for a wee, I can’t leave because it’s too good!!
  49. IgniteCardiff
    @Georginavjones don’t fret, there’s a break coming!
  50. Ed_Barnett
    Well done @Welsh_ICE and @thedimmick! @IgniteCardiff
  51. Claire_S
    Sydny Liennard talking about the Paparazzi invasion at #ignitecardiff
  52. Claire_S
    Excellent crowd and awesome speakers! You guys rock #ignitecardiff
  53. Claire_S
    If I get through this evening without crying I’ll be very pleased with myself #ignitecardiff
  54. And then on to the final two speakers of the evening.
  55. IgniteCardiff
    Next up @beamazingtoday talking about design without soul #IgniteCardiff
  56. Grace_Quantock
    As a designer your every decision shapes the world @beamazingtoday @IgniteCardiff wow!
  57. Grace_Quantock
    Loved speaking at @IgniteCardiff everyone being so lovely w/ tweets & kindness, thank you everyone. @beamazingtoday speaking now yay!
  58. Primateshake
    In attendance for @IgniteCardiff no.9. Asking why we missed the previous 8. Great speakers. #ignitecardiff
  59. steviephil
    Last but not least, @compass_James – looking forward to this! #IgniteCardiff
  60. IgniteCardiff
    Finally up @compass_James talking about why you should move to Barry (@Claire_S strongly agrees!) #IgniteCardiff
  61. Georginavjones
    I’m going to live in Barry!!! @IgniteCardiff
  62. lobsterdm
    I happen to know that @compass_James lives in penarth #poshboy #IgniteCardiff
  63. cardiffdesfest
    Great performances at #ignitecardiff tonight – fantastic atmosphere! Brilliant speakers!
  64. NeilCocker
    Loved every min of my last @ignitecardiff. Sad that @claire_s & I don’t have time to run it now, but @ed_Barnett & @thedimmick will be ace!
  65. Surfmonkey78
    #IgniteCardiff is nearly making me consider moving to Barry.
  66. Claire and Neil said their farewells at the end, but not before they were royally stitched up by the new hosts, Ed and Steve. It seems no photos made it to Twitter. But we’re not looking forward to the Youtube video.
  67. Claire_S
    Damn you @thedimmick and @Ed_Barnett for the stitch up, I will get my revenge!!! #ignitecardiff
  68. voxmjw
    Only my second #IgniteCardiff but also the best. Good job all.
  69. TomasWright11
    Great time had at @IgniteCardiff some really great speakers! Thanks guys! #inspired
  70. Surfmonkey78
    @IgniteCardiff #ignitecatdiff thanks for an awesome evening guys šŸ™‚
  71. Leeunderpass
    Massive respect to @Claire_S and @NeilCocker for their great work on @IgniteCardiff Proud of you two šŸ™‚
  72. Welsh_ICE
    Thank you all for your amazingly kind words! What a fun evening, thanks @ignitecardiff
  73. warmstrings
    Thanks @IgniteCardiff for another brilliant evening. Some Ignite highlights! Look forward to seeing what’s next for Neil & Claire.
  74. Ed_Barnett
    I can’t believe that I’ve had such an amazing night and yet I’m still in bed before 10. Win-win! Good night #ignitecardiff
  75. mr_qwerty
    @IgniteCardiff nice to know the goblins work at barry docs, and drawing whilst running is even possible??!!!
  76. thedimmick
    Thanks to everyone at @IgniteCardiff hello to my new followers :). Here’s what I was trying to convey: #propfail šŸ™
  77. IgniteCardiff
    Don’t forget that our next event is Wed 20th Feb next year! Book the date and we’ll see you there!
  78. thedimmick
    A big hand to @KieranF_CM @SydnyL_CM; the youngest speakers @IgniteCardiff and they were brill. You can stand proud. #takesalotofguts
  79. dextergreen
    Excellent evening at #igniteCardiff with Herr @Samuel_Mallett. All the speakers were very good but Grace Quantock was incredible.
  80. AngelaDutton
    A big thank you to @Claire_S & @NeilCocker for tonight’s @IgniteCardiff & the past editions too. Loved the buzz & inspiration x
  81. And the following morning….
  82. Georginavjones
    Woke up feeling inspired thanks to @IgniteCardiff – great night!
  83. compass_James
    After last nights @IgniteCardiff talk I am treating myself to an IKEA breakfast #rockNroll
  84. NeilCocker
    On train to London, reading all your kind tweets about #ignitecardiff. Thankyou! Loved it (apart from the stitch up at the end, obviously).