As I alluded to in my last post, I didn’t think my talk at Ignite Cardiff on Thursday was very good. And now that I’ve seen it I’ve realised it’s actually pretty awful.

BUT, I think I’m kind of glad it happened. I’ve got a few big talks to do over coming weeks, including a pitch for some quite serious money. And with that being pretty much the worst talk I’ve given for a long time, it’s made me realise the importance of preparation. Particularly when there’s time constraints. The simple fact was that with organising the event I just didn’t have time to learn or rehearse it. Oh, the irony….!

It’s particularly cringeworthy through the first handful of slides where I completely forgot what I was intending to talk about and I’m pretty incoherent. I make a little bit more sense in the middle, but all in all it’s pretty embarrassing. I just mainly tried to squeeze way too much in, simply because I hadn’t rehearsed it so had no idea how jumbled, rushed and incoherent it would sound.

I’ve thought long and hard about this, and I’ve decided to post it. I  think hopefully there’s some useful stuff in there for people to take home with them. And it’s an object lesson in what happens when you don’t prepare and you’re under time pressure. It’s clear from my gesture when I left the stage that I felt it was a garbled effort!

[vimeo 7116736]