Happiness Map

OK, this is a rough and ready experiment. Nowhere near finished, but a rough prototype. I’m looking to get a sense of how happy people are in Cardiff with where they live (as opposed to how happy they are in general).

Please fill in the data below. It’s 100% anonymous.

You’ll be provided to a link to the live map as soon as you complete the survey. Thanks!

Please note that the map isn’t updating instantly, so any data you add may not appear straight away. I’m adding the data as often as I get the opportunity. I’m hoping to automate this shortly.

Update, here’s some press that the map has received:


12 responses to “Happiness Map”

  1. I’ve lived on Clifton Street for the last five years or so. It’s very convenient and I like my flat and immediate Neighbours, but outside of my building – on the whole I find the area very much lacking in community spirit. It’s very much a keep yourself to yourself kind of vibe. Rarely do people smile, make eye contact with or even just acknowledge people they don’t know. There’s certainly exceptions, but we’re a rare breed! If that could somehow magically change this area would be a faaar more pleasant place to reside!

    • Thanks! It’s interesting that one element of a neighbourhood has such an impact on our view of it. I suppose that’s what I’m trying to explore with this map – what elements really matter to people’s view of their city. I’m currently working on making the data more interactive so that you can sort and view by noise, safety etc.

    • That’s a shame but I think it’s the same everywhere these day when I used to go down Clifton st. with my mum as a kid someone would always stop us who knew her from her days down splott the high streets are dying out and it’s a real shame

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