For a small city it’s sometimes quite surprising how little we know about each others’ activities. So how can businesses remedy this in Cardiff?

A few years ago, I started a creative industries network and was often amazed that people in the very same sector, doing practically the same thing, occasionally even with offices on the same street, were completely unaware of the others’ existence. I like to think that NOCCI had some very small bearing on the increased cohesiveness and activity within Cardiff’s creative industries (I know that just within the Cardiff group we created jobs, allowed people to secure contracts, and even introduced people who later went on to start companies together) but there’s no doubt that social media has been the huge factor in helping people spread the message about what they do, and a simple retweet or ‘like’ from a follower can open you up to a whole new load of people.

I spent last weekend at Chapter, Printhaus and the Sundown Market at Gwdihw and there’s clearly now a strong creative scene here.

But what of Cardiff’s startup scene? Is there even a scene? Is something like that difficult to foster, considering you’re trying to engage startups and entrepreneurs from such diverse industries as taxi-fare calculating phone apps to ethical catering companies?

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