It’s been nearly a month since my last blog. I’ve just been so flippin’ busy I’ve barely had a chance to think about blogging.

So, just as a recap (for myself as much as anything!) I’ve been…(deep breath)…

– Graduating from the Insight Out training course.

– Writing my first article for Enterprise Magazine.

– Holding Pollen #3.

– Making some good progress on Dizzyjam.

– Starting a new interesting project with Kevin and Keeran.

– Realising that Facebook does actually have some worthwhile apps (such as Chess, Risk and Scrabble) which I’ve been playing while ignoring all the requests for vampires, pirates, snowball fights and all that other crap.

– Seeing some cracking films (The Darjeeling Ltd and Heima being the picks of the bunch).

I’ll try to get a “proper” blog entry up by the end of the year. But if not, have a great Christmas and New Year.