About 5 or 6 years ago, I wrote about how I felt that retreats seemed to be the preserve of religion, or some kind of spirituality, and that I would love to organise something different. A space for those of us that needed space, but didn’t want it codified by faith (even though people of faith would obviously be 100% welcome). As with these things a lot of the time, the idea fell by the wayside. But as I’ve become more interested in community and connection, it’s kind of been resurrected. Albeit in a slightly different form.

Later this year, but before school holidays make scheduling and pricing an issue, I’m planning to book a big country house for a weekend. It will probably be close-ish to Cardiff. The plan would be to spend a weekend with some likeminded people, talking about personal projects, and global issues.


Might not actually be anywhere near Cardiff…

I’m imagining a weekend of very loosely curated discussions over coffee, walks in the woods, the occasional presentation, and some late night stargazing. Time alone to work on personal projects, too. Maybe even an early start for a dawn walk!

To keep costs down it would require us all to muck in, cook together, maybe sleep in shared rooms etc. Hopefully the price would be between £100-£200 for the whole weekend (food included). I want to make this affordable.

If you’re interested, then please leave your details below. I think the only provisos would be that you’re:

  • willing to muck in and help.
  • willing to at bring one idea to the table (maybe even a short presentation).
  • happy to be open to hearing new things, without judgment or prejudice.
  • you’re OK with one mention of “Trump” and “Brexit” allowed all weekend per person. 😉
  • happy that this is an experiment, and that it won’t all work.
  • happy that I don’t quite know what this is yet.

I’m going to make every effort to make sure that the events have a diverse, interesting bunch of people at them, and that it’s not too navel-gazey. I want it to be useful, and have some actual outcomes for anyone who attends.

At the very least, I’d like to create a weekend where we could be open, and honest, and hopefully come away feeling more inspired, energetic, and focused.

If you’re interested in finding out more, attending, or getting involved, then please drop your email below.

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