North-South Run – 7 marathons in 7 days


In May 2013 myself and three other slightly misguided individuals will attempt to run from North to South Wales in a week, effectively completing seven offroad marathons in seven days.

We will run approximately 180 miles from Prestatyn (A) to Cardiff (I), sticking faithfully to Offa’s Dyke until Hay-On-Wye (F), where we will veer west over the Brecon Beaconss (perhaps taking in the highest peak in South Wales, Pen-Y-Fan, as an opportunity to turn marathon running into fell running!) From there we will travel south through Merthyr Tydfil (H) and run the length of the Taff Trail, hopefully finishing in Cardiff bay 7 days after we started.

At this point there are still many items to be finalised. Where will we stay? How will we find enough ice for our ice baths at the end of each day? Which one of us will carry all the energy gels? Who will draw the short straw and rub the calves of the rest of the team!?

In a way, I’m writing this blog post as a public commitment to doing it, knowing that if I don’t I will find it easy to blame my lack of time to train as reason for not going through with it. I’ve used this tactic for lots of physical challenges in the past, knowing that I’m fundamentally lazy and could find myself a good excuse to back out at any given moment. By telling the world, I know that I’ll be asked about it by friends and family, and the shame of saying “Oh…erm…I’m not doing it any more because I’m a bit busy” would be too much for me.

We’re looking for sponsors (sports kit, food, physio, hotels etc), and still haven’t finalised which charity we’re raising money for. Any pointers, suggestions, or offers of help will be gratefully received. We’re especially keen for help in north and mid Wales, where we’ll need advice on places to stay, physios to use, and possibly some volunteers to be our support crew. So if you’re in that part of the country, have a car, and will be able to take a day out to meet us at various checkpoints with our food, drink and spare clothing, we’d love to hear from you.

Life is too short not to have adventures like this. I’m not a natural athlete, but I love pushing myself. We’re all on this planet for a ridiculously short period of time, and there’s only so many episodes of Eastenders you can watch. This is a small adventure in comparison to some, but for me it’s an opportunity to get out into the country, and away from my laptop for a week, while seeing just how resistant to blisters my feet really are.

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