Two types of “Doer”

In life there are always “Doers” and “non-doers”. There are people that are proactive and get involved, and there are those that are happy with just watching from the sidelines. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being a non-doer. A Doer is no better than a non-doer, in the same way that an extrovert is no better than an introvert. They’re just different.

And in my experience there are two different types of Doer. All Doers turn up to the meeting, have useful opinions, make the right kind of noises, and offer to get involved. But it’s still a relatively small number of Doers who actually “Do”! It’s a small number who actually do what they say they’re going to do. It’s a small number who can be relied upon when it comes to the crunch and there’s a crappy job to be done.

It’s the real Doers who drive change, make things happen, create exciting things, leave a legacy and inspire those around them.

Which one are you?

One response to “Two types of “Doer””

  1. As always, an interesting piece there Neil.

    Events like TED, TEDx, Ignite, Pecha Kucha, Do Lectures all do a great job in inspiring people, but like you say, it’s what they do next that counts. We somehow need to capitalise on that feeling people have ‘there and then’ when they feel inspired to do something – it’s a concept that I’m currently developing a couple of solutions for, including a revamped, more manageable ‘Inspired’ event and the other is a community network.

    Looking forward to TEDx – keep up the good work my friend. I also posted my first blog article today which features you a few paragraphs in.


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