Cardiff Startup podcast

I’m soon going to be meeting and interviewing some of Cardiff’s (and surrounding areas) entrepreneurs and startups. I’ll be editing the chats into nice bitesize podcasts for you to enjoy. But in the meantime I need a little help identifying relevant startups. I’m looking for innovative ideas, probably with a different business model to the usual.

If you know of any I should be speaking to then it would be fantastic if you could help me by letting me (but make sure you check the list first to see if someone’s beaten you to it).

Once you’ve done that, just click here and let me know which hot new startups I should be checking out.


2 responses to “Cardiff Startup podcast”

    • Still happening. Just been too busy to kick it into action. Got a good list of people I want to interview. Just a case of finding the time. Hopefully next month when things have calmed down a bit. 🙂

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