Who is this champion of creativity?

Well, I just received a great newsletter from Creative Clusters. It finishes with a few lines from what appears to be an excellent talk on creativity, given at the Abu Dhabi Media Summit. Resist the temptation to scroll to the end to find out who gave the speech. Just read and enjoy….

I am mindful of the Arab proverb: “if a wind blows, ride it.” As I speak, there is a powerful wind blowing through this region. This wind is the creative energies of your people, who are aching to make their own mark on the world around them. Without this creative spirit, the museums, universities, and other fabulous buildings you have planned will be empty shells. But ride this wind and you will raise from these desert sands something extraordinary: a capital of creativity that is modern … that is global … and that is fully Arab.

While oil is undeniably vital to our world, the untapped creativity in this region represents a resource infinitely more precious. In this bright new century, the most advanced societies will be those that are most creative. Creativity is a resource that excites the imagination … expands jobs and opportunity … and improves our quality of life. It is clean, and it is high-value. Most of all, because it is rooted in the human mind, creativity is the one economic resource that is truly inexhaustible.

Your people are eager, talented, and young. They have aspirations in common with their peers in other parts of the world – yet they hold fast to the traditions that make them unique. Give them a society that rewards creativity. When you do, you will breathe life into your blueprints – and build a future worthy of your grand boulevards and glistening skyscrapers.

It’s only Rupert bloody Murdoch!

Cynical or genuine, it’s good stuff….

You can read his talk in full here.

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