Business lessons from my Wii

Earlier this year I bought a Nintendo Wii. I hadn’t bought a games console for ten or fifteen years but I’d played with one a few times at friends’ houses and they seemed like a sociable and fun way of passing the time. So on a whim I picked a second hand one up off eBay, making sure to get one with the balance board so I could kid myself that I’d wake up every morning and do an hour’s yoga on it…

Anyway, I’ve been really getting into Wii Sports Tennis of late. It’s a lot more sophisticated than I first realised and I’ve enjoyed learning to play the different shots and seeing my steady rise through the ranks.

There are several training options with the tennis and I found myself testing myself on my ability to time my swing. This is done by returning the ball, with the added difficulty of hitting a moving, and shrinking, target at the far end.

Here’s a video of someone doing that training…

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