24 hour startup

My friend Rob from Nonsense has got together with his colleagues and decided to build a new web-based startup. In 24 hours. From scratch. And then after that they’ll be selling it on ebay.

When they started at midday they didn’t have an idea yet. Now they’re 4 hours in and despite not announcing the idea yet, the company has a bid for $153.50. By my ropey maths I calculate at this rate it’ll be worth $921 when they finish the 24 hours tomorrow at midday, $9,210 by the end of the 10 day ebay listing, and $3,621,165 by this time next year.

If only calculating a company’s worth was that simple. And profitable!

Anyway, you can tune in to see them live at work on the webcam on 24hour-startup.com, read their updates here, and follow the twitter hashtag (#24hourstartup) here.

I wonder if we’ll get to see them in sleeping bags later as the caffeine runs out!

Good luck, guys…. 🙂

Update (23:42) – I disappear for a few hours to have dinner and go to the cinema and all hell breaks loose. They’ve chosen an idea (shopping by colour!), a name (“Dr Hue”), and have got some early logo designs, all of which are great.

Keep it up gents!

Oh, and with 12 hours to go it’s currently on sale for $203….

Update (09:19) – The first thing i did when I woke up this morning was roll over, fire up Twitter on my phone, and find out how the boys were getting on. They’ve been doing amazing things overnight. Although they do appear to have lost the plot a little…

You can now follow Dr Hue on Twitter, check out the holding page, and enter a competition to win stuff!

    Update (09:46)

– We have a sleeper!

    Update (11.57)

– someone’s not happy about running out of coffee….

Update (12.01) –

They did it!


Update (12.35) – Gone to pub….

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