Committing to stuff in public

One of the ways I get myself to do big things is to commit to doing them in public. That way I face the shame of failure amongst those that know me if I don’t do them.

So, seeing as I’ve just got back from my first run since Berlin Marathon 7 weeks ago (something i did after publicly committing to it!) where my kneecap didn’t feel like it was trying to escape my leg, I feel ready to commit to training again. Here’s some stuff I plan to do:

  • By the end of next year i want to have done a triathlon. Anyone with me?
  • I’ve been meaning to give 100 push-ups a try for months. I start today.
  • I’m going to re-attempt Al Humphries “daily cold shower” thing. Going to be tough over the coming winter!
  • I’m going to re-start fencing (think this, not this) after losing touch with it during marathon training.
  • I’m going to re-start kung-fu. After a ten year hiatus. Time to dust off those belts!

Finally, here’s two great creative industries sites: SightUnseen (behind the scenes of the creative industries), and Creative Boom (a creative industries news site). And there’s some cracking music industry stuff over on the latest Dizzyjam blog post.

4 responses to “Committing to stuff in public”

  1. Thanks Al – really useful tip!

    Hope you had fun in beautiful Bath and Nigel was well. He was my “tent-mate”.

    Benny – started on the press-ups and sit-ups but *another* damn cold has stopped me in my tracks. It’s like ever since the marathon my body has been taking revenge for the 26.2 miles I put it through…!

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