Committing to stuff in public

One of the ways I get myself to do big things is to commit to doing them in public. That way I face the shame of failure amongst those that know me if I don’t do them.

So, seeing as I’ve just got back from my first run since Berlin Marathon 7 weeks ago (something i did after publicly committing to it!) where my kneecap didn’t feel like it was trying to escape my leg, I feel ready to commit to training again. Here’s some stuff I plan to do:

  • By the end of next year i want to have done a triathlon. Anyone with me?
  • I’ve been meaning to give 100 push-ups a try for months. I start today.
  • I’m going to re-attempt Al Humphries “daily cold shower” thing. Going to be tough over the coming winter!
  • I’m going to re-start fencing (think this, not this) after losing touch with it during marathon training.
  • I’m going to re-start kung-fu. After a ten year hiatus. Time to dust off those belts!

Finally, here’s two great creative industries sites: SightUnseen (behind the scenes of the creative industries), and Creative Boom (a creative industries news site). And there’s some cracking music industry stuff over on the latest Dizzyjam blog post.

By Neil Cocker

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4 replies on “Committing to stuff in public”

Thanks Al – really useful tip!

Hope you had fun in beautiful Bath and Nigel was well. He was my “tent-mate”.

Benny – started on the press-ups and sit-ups but *another* damn cold has stopped me in my tracks. It’s like ever since the marathon my body has been taking revenge for the 26.2 miles I put it through…!

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