Search Engine Optimisation and the Pembrokeshire B&B

I’ve just been away for a relaxed weekend in West Wales (staying in the highly recommended Old Oak Barn) and while having lunch in a great pub in the beautiful little village of Little Haven got chatting to a local couple. They were middle-aged, owned a local bed and breakfast and blew away all of my preconceptions about who tracks their website traffic and is aware of the dark art of SEO

I know relatively little about the subject but, while their website could do with a little work, they were more than aware of the benefits of their URL ( which puts them on the front page of Google for that search term, and were fascinated by tracking traffic that came from blog posts, international sites and B&B listings sites. And their understanding of their business and their ability to track where a lot of it comes from is probably much improved because of it.

So, any other examples of “unlikely” businesses engaging in digital marketing? Or is it just me thinks it’s still the preserve of young, city-dwelling digital companies? Any carpenters, farmers or rural pubs?

Oh, and hello to Jan as I’m sure she’ll be reading if any clicks went from this blog to their site…!


2 responses to “Search Engine Optimisation and the Pembrokeshire B&B”

  1. I don’t have any examples but I think the field is still wide open for a lot of these businesses in Wales.

    As in, I don’t think it would take much for certain kinds of businesses to step up and dominate search rankings for their terms.

  2. Think you’re right, Carl. I have a friend who is trying to carve a revenue stream out of exploiting niche search terms etc.

    If you get it right it seems it can be very lucrative!

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