A brief, but slightly sad, blog from me today.

In the last two years I’ve lost both a good friend and an uncle to cancer. I have another uncle who has terminal cancer.

And now my good friend Katherine has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 33. She found the lump while on honeymoon. She is married to the chief strategist for the Welsh rugby team, so you may have heard that they came onto the pitch on Saturday wearing pink ribbons to help raise awareness.

Anyway, while she’s fighting the disease she has also set herself the target of raising a million pounds for Cancer Research UK. I’d be really grateful if you could pass this on to everyone you can think of, even if you can’t donate.

The Million Pounds Challenge

If she can get just two pounds off everyone who donates she will cruise to her total. And also raise some much needed awareness of breast cancer in young women.

If you’d like to follow her “journey”, then she is keeping a blog here.

Many, many thanks!


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