The Tower


What a building.

I’d love to see this get built. It would be a home to 100,000 people in a tiny fraction of the “footprint” it would normally take to house that many people in London. It’s a fantastically bold statement to make, if London ever has the guts to allow it to be built. It would be the tallest building in the world and at 1500 metres tall (that’s effectively a mile!) would literally be a skyscraper, as that’s the average altitude of cloud cover.

It would have parks, markets, hospitals, fire stations etc etc. The architects are even proposing it would have it’s own member of parliament to represent it in government. It would be modern living on a massive scale. “The New Town Tower” would also be a very efficient and ec-friendly place to live. For example, “fresh water could be harvested and filtered from the clouds that would envelop the top of the tower on overcast days”. Amazing!

With London (and the UK in general) being so densely populated it’s going to need creative forward thinking on this scale to accomodate our burgeoning population. Friends from places such as America are always amazed at how small (and expensive) our living spaces are in the UK. Imagine a network of these in each town. What an incredible sight that would be.

This is so, so close to the images of super-structures I used to love as a kid in my sci-fi books. Imagine having this view at the end of your street every morning….. What do you reckon? Good idea or no?

p.s. This isn’t some kind of crazy pipe dream. They’re currently conducting a feasibility study into building it. More here

4 responses to “The Tower”

  1. Finally, the 21st century delivers the childhood promise of the 70s. All we need now is the robot butler and I’ll be a happy lad. Bring it on.

  2. Hey Neil, I was surprised to see you including Architecture within your Blog. Nice.

    Check out:

    This exhibition…

    …at the Barbican in 2006 was definitive in it’s disection of the last 50 years of radical architectural thought. I think they published a book accompanying the show, it’d be well worth getting.

    I spent a summer at this place too…

    …it used to be the most promising realization of mega-structural living anywhere in the world.

  3. It reminds me of a computer game called “Sim City 2000” – Apart from it’s actually happening! I think it’s a good idea – low footprint space wise and if its eco friendly in every way a good sign to the future

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