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Developer trouble….

I was chatting to a friend from America recently about the problems I’ve had over the last couple of years with web developers. I’ve worked with a couple who’ve both let me down really badly and put me back to square one with my web-based startup. Admittedly much of this was my own fault for […]

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The Demise Of Facebook…

Of course Facebook isn’t facing demise. That would be ridiculous. But for the first time since their launch their audience number in the UK has dropped. While they’re still hitting a staggering 8.5m unique visitors a month, this might be the first sign that there might be a saturation of the market. I know I’m […]

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Ticket Touts, Microsoft, China and Digital Nomads

* “Concert promoters have joined performing artists’ managers in their battle to get secondary ticketing companies to pay a levy from the profits they make on live shows”, says an article on In essence this means that they want the likes of eBay to pay a percentage of any profits from tickets sold online. […]

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1000 True Fans

Just a couple of quick things for you, as I’ve got a backlog of things I’d like to tell you all about but they’re building up and I never have enough time to blog as it is! Those of you that read my last blog about Chris Anderson may know of his seminal work “The […]


Free music forever???

Seth Godin (arch-blogger of the marketing world and author of many genuinely interesting business books, including “The Purple Cow“) has been writing and talking about the music industry recently. And it’s all been very interesting. He gives Bruce Springsteen as a great example of how longevity is something that is so much more difficult to […]