I’m addicted!

I took a look at my wardrobe a few months ago and realised the vast majority of the t-shirts I owned were freebies from clubs and events around the world where we’d played. As a result they were mainly black with white print and slightly on the baggy side (or very baggy if they’d come from American clubs!).

So I decided to clear them all out and get some groovy new t-shirts. But not being a particularly fashionable bloke I avoid “boutiques” like the plague. So I was relieved to have the utterly brilliant Threadless.com in my bookmarks. I’d discovered it a few years ago but never purchased anything. But now with the dollar so weak against the pound you can order a fantastic t-shirt and have it delivered to your door for a total of about 11 quid…

The site is run as a competition with designers submitting their images that are voted on by the site’s users. The winners each week get printed and awarded with bundles of cash and a place on the chest of thousands of grateful Threadless fans.

In the few months since I’ve been buying from them I’ve amassed ten, including the few pictured here*, and contributed to a brilliant business. It’s user-generated, user-moderated and (for those of us on the east of the Atlantic) incredibly cheap to get high-quality, designer t-shirts from. The only problem I’ve got now is convincing myself I don’t need another ten. With an email each week with a handful of ace new designs on it’s going to be very tricky…

*It must be noted that I’m not in any of the pictures. I’m nowhere near that wholesomely good-looking.

2 responses to “I’m addicted!”

  1. Threadless are totally and utterly brilliant, you should of got there earlier mind – they had a $10 sale on everything for 4 weeks before Chrimbo. If you order 3 at a time, you get in under customs charges and it ends up costing a total of about £7 a piece delivered.

    I’ve actually visited their offices, albeit a while ago.

  2. Yeah, I got a couple of double packages before Christmas. I wasn’t too sure of the customs limits so didn’t risk three! I remember you saying about visiting their offices. They sound like a cool bunch of guys!

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