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Can geeks be entrepreneurs?

**Warning – contains sweeping generalisations!** I went to an event last night run by Cardiff Geeks. It was, as you’d expect, filled with geeks from Cardiff. It was set up by Ian Wootten who saw a need for a networking event for web-types. I’m no web-geek (unless you count my usage as geeky) and I […]

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Working environments

Well, our first Pollen event was a big success. Over 50 people turned up and drank the free drinks* at City Canteen and Bar. It was really cool to see everyone having a bit of a laugh and chatting. I never intended for it to become a serious networking event, and I’m glad that it […]


Doctor Who and keeping it local…

I got an email a few months ago from a friend in North Carolina. They asked me what it was like to live in Doctor Who’s city. At first I was fairly staggered that they knew it was actually filmed in Cardiff, but then I realised that they probably watch BBC America, and had maybe […]