My first networking event

I’ve just set a date for the first Pollen event. I set it up as a network for creative entrepreneurs, as I felt that business support in South Wales wasn’t particularly well tailored for us.

I’ve been to networking events before and they’ve either been too formal, pretty irrelevant to me, or both. And so I’m hoping that Pollen will serve a purpose by allowing creative entrepreneurs to come together in a relaxed environment, chat about their successes and failures (or football and TV, I don’t mind) and maybe go away feeling less isolated and more inspired.

And that’s pretty much it. At this stage i don’t feel a great need for there to be a huge agenda for it. One may come over the months to follow, and I’ll let that be driven by the members (well over 100 so far!). As long as people have a way of contacting and meeting likeminded people then I hope Pollen will be of use. I know that I definitely get a buzz out chatting to fellow creative entrepreneurs. Spending a few hours over lunch with the likes of Katherine, John, Paolo, Aristos or Glynn (amongst many others!).

My only problem at the moment is i’d like to get some sponsorship. I’m happy to cover the cost of event hire, web hosting etc etc. But I would like to have some money behind the bar. A few drinks always helps these things move along a bit better. But where to start? Business support agencies? Private companies? And how to approach them? I suppose it’s just a case of asking. But it seems a bit silly asking for such a trivial amount – I’m only looking for a few hundred quid once a month.

Anyone want to donate?!


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