Is Google dangerous?

I’m currently reading The Google Story. I don’t read many business books as they tend to be really dry. But so far it’s been an interesting read. Larry Page and Sergey Brin certainly do things differently. And it’s bought them a lot of success (and money!). But it’s only really tonight that I’ve realised how […]

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Some days you just feel like an outsider. I’ve been trying to get my latest project, Dizzyjam, off the ground for about 3 years. And in all that time I’ve been reading about other smart ideas, successful entrepreneurs and fantastic small businesses. And it makes me feel like an outsider, desperately banging on the door […]

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Music Links

Here’s a whole host of music links and info that I’ve copied over from my old blog. I haven’t had chance to check that all the links still work, but hopefully they do. Drop me a line if you find any dead links. – – – – –The Independent Music Supplement On the 3rd February […]

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Neil’s guide to sending out great demos

In the year or two since I wrote this guide a lot of things have changed, most notably the ability of everyone to send and receive high quality MP3s via email. And obviously everyone has their music on Myspace. In light of that I’ll get round to updating this guide soon, but in the meantime […]