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Entrepreneur, consultant & mentor

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I’m an entrepreneur, consultant, and startup mentor. I’ve been working across Europe, most notably in the Balkans, for several years. My background in the music industry led me to starting a series of tech businesses in the merchandise sector. I’ve bootstrapped three businesses. The first one (a record label) had a UK Top Ten hit. I sold the second one. And the third is still ongoing (albeit without my day-to-day involvement).

At the moment my main interests are my businesses, the future of cities, startup validation techniques, and building communities. Most of my current work is working with startups, and building award winning startup programmes that get tangible results.

My Focus

Startup accelerator design & delivery

Pitch and public speaking training

Startup founder mentoring


“Implementing so much of your advice, thank you! Also, my revenue is up 30% per sale from our conversation!”

Aaron, founder, tech hardware founder

“Neil is a fantastic mentor who provides truly great advice and challenges you to think through your company problems. With his advice I have a better understanding of what needs to be done and how to move the company forward.”

Holden, founder, foodtech startup

“Neil, I must admit it’s a new thing for me to meet someone who has the capability to go so deep into things from the first meeting.”

Toni, CEO, adtech business

“Thanks for your help Neil! Absolutely fantastic session and really has helped our team get our plan into shape!

Peter, MD, events business


If you’d like to work with me, drop me an email now. You can also check out my mentoring service, which is an incredibly efficient way of reducing the likelihood of failure in your new venture.