Some kind words that people have said about me…

“Implementing so much of your advice, thank you! Also, my revenue is up 30% per sale from our conversation!”

– Aaron, founder, tech hardware founder

“Neil, I must admit it’s a new thing for me to meet someone who has the capability to go so deep into things from the first meeting.”

– Toni, CEO, adtech business

“Neil is a fantastic mentor who provides truly great advice and challenges you to think through your company problems. With his advice I have a better understanding of what needs to be done and how to move the company forward.”

– Holden, founder, foodtech startup

“Thanks for your help Neil! Absolutely fantastic session and really has helped our team get our plan into shape!

– Peter, MD, events business

“Wow! I’m totally blown away by your insights and sincere willingness to share information and advice… I really wasn’t expecting to come away with so much insight – especially as I’m at such an early stage”.

Amy, first time entrepreneur

“Thank you so much for the session! I really appreciate your time and took a lot of value away!

Francesca, Marketing & tech CEO

“Neil gave genuinely good advice that I can tangibly use in my business and to grow it. He not only talked about things that I hadn’t considered but followed up with further information”.

– Tom, founder, photo services business

“I honestly found the call inspiring and super helpful, both because you had a lot of knowledge to share, but also the time you spent in researching together with me. You are a superstar!”

– Gorjan, startup founder & eco activist

Learned more in 3 hours [on your workshop] than I did in a 3 day module on entrepreneurship [on my course]”

– MBA student

“An outstanding session with some very worthwhile advice and pointers. Completely changed my perspective on a couple of points

– James, CEO, social enterprise

“Thank you again for your time this morning and for really offering sound and “real” help to get us moving forward. The session was really informative and I found it really empowering”

– Helen, founder, specialist shipping company


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